who we are

Ibis Bakery is two different micro-bakeries connected with excellent places to enjoy coffee. To learn more about our two distinctive bakery locations, go to our Lenexa and Crossroads pages.

While on a very restrictive diet to help us feel better, we stumbled upon beautiful, crusty sourdough bread in San Francisco. Already interested in food systems, we began to develop a passion for a repaired and transparent chain, starting with how and where food is grown and finishing with the eater. With backgrounds in business and teaching, in 2013 Chris began baking bread, and Kate began helping customers understand the difference between “real bread” and what they were used to finding at the grocery store. We started selling loaves of bread at the farmer's market then opened our commercial bakery in Lenexa to the public in 2014. 

“Real bread” means it’s made the way people have been making bread for centuries: in small batches, with a natural, wild yeast and ingredients that aren’t genetically modified, refined or bleached. 

This bread gives your body nourishment, is easy to digest and tastes absolutely delicious!

After a one-week class on laminated dough at the San Francisco Baking Institute, Chris began making croissants. Our flaky croissants are made with European butter over a 3-day process and we rise them with our wild yeast starter. Very talented bakers have come to work for us, and committed growers have been willing to do the back-breaking work of providing us with incredible, fresh ingredients. Our bread and pastries have benefitted from these people’s passion and hard work. We now offer a full line-up of small-batch, rotating, seasonal pastries alongside bread, granola, and sometimes pizza or whatever else comes out of our ovens.

Although we all work hard, our customers are the ones who have truly made us successful. They have supported our creative process, paid prices that cover our extensive labor and the best ingredients we can find, sought us out wherever we might be selling and walked out of the bakery with armfuls of bread and pastries to share with friends. We are so grateful for the inspiration and encouragement you provide, and thank you for being along for the ride!


About the Bread

Our bread is made over a 30-hour period with basically three ingredients: freshly-milled organic flour, sea salt and our wild yeast starter. Any other ingredients like nuts, seeds, fruit and herbs in the bread are almost exclusively organic and sourced from local farms whenever possible. We don’t use any oils or added gluten. In fact, the natural gluten that occurs in dough is actually broken down, or pre-digested, during our long fermentation process to make it easier on your system. Many of our customers have intolerances to gluten, but are able to eat natural, sourdough bread because of this slow-rise process! 

Enjoy this crusty, french-inspired bread with friends, family or strangers. To keep it from  drying out quickly, slice the bread as you use it instead of slicing it all right away.


Store on the counter about 2-3 days in the bag we provide, or pick up a reusable beeswax-lined linen ($16) to wrap it, and enjoy fresh bread for up to 6 or 7 days. Bread can be frozen, but should not be stored in the refrigerator.