Messenger Coffee Co: Crossroads

The space we share with Messenger Coffee Co has been our dream since the very beginning: bread and coffee, two daily staples, both done excellently, sourced carefully and enjoyed in tandem. At our 1624 Grand Blvd location, we endeavor to transparently share our work and the delicious results. Both companies source responsibly, with Messenger’s commitment to “above and beyond fair trade sourcing” and Ibis sourcing our ingredients overwhelmingly from the local economy.

Here, our menu is grain-focused. The bread showcases the flavors and aromas achieved by baking with fresh-milled flour. You will find bread made with smoked, toasted, cooked and/or fermented grains. There are pastries featuring heirloom varieties of grain such as emmer, buckwheat, spelt or kamut. The result is food that is not over complicated, simple, yet flavorful, easier to digest and that nourishes our bodies.


Food prepared in the kitchen is made with ingredients that we make from scratch (like kimchi and hot sauce) or which are grown or prepared by local partners (like tomatoes from Stony Crest Urban Farm or polenta from Crum's Heirlooms).

(877) 334-7660