Countless hours spent creating, testing, tasting and toasting have made our Lenexa location a place defined by the pursuit of excellence. Quickly jumping from concept to production, we began selling slices of toasted bread at Black Dog Coffeehouse just one week after teaching ourselves how to bake! From a small oven in the coffeehouse kitchen to renting the space next door and hiring baking staff to help us take bread (and toast!) to the farmers market. Now years have gone by in our relentless and foolhardy attempts at making bread the way it’s been made for centuries - small batches with simple ingredients and a slow rise.

At Ibis Bakery in Lenexa, our baking process is open to the community. You can peek in on our process and the ingredients we use. Exploring fermentation and the sourdough process is the primary guiding principle in the flavor profile of our bread and pastries. The slow-rise (also known as sourdough) process contributes a toothsome texture, a depth of flavor and an extended shelf-life.



All of our bread and pastries are sold from behind Black Dog Coffeehouse’s counter. You’ll find fresh croissants and rotating pastries, rustic, crusty loaves of bread and Black Dog’s breakfast and lunch menu often featuring Ibis bread. Loaves and pastries can be held aside for you by placing a pre-order with pre-payment either in person or over the phone. Otherwise, items are first-come-first-served. 

LENEXA, KS 66215
913 495 5515